Defining the Low Wooden Coffee Table –

Coffee tables come in various styles and are usually designed for the living room, for writing or even working and are generally between 28 to 30 inches in height. Low tables however, are exactly that; very low and only a few inches tall and can make a big difference to a living room that has matching furniture and other complimentary pieces to go with the typically low coffee table. Mainly because of its unusual dwarf look, it gives an unconventional and unique look to any room that calls out for attention.

When you have a low table in your room, you have to find matching chairs, for the simple reason that chairs of normal height do not look right around a very low table. You can just picture people sitting on high chairs bending double to leave their cup of coffee or magazine only a few inches off the ground and it sure would look very funny and extremely awkward. A wise alternative to chairs would be comfortable cushions on the floor which will not only make it much easier for the guests but also be on par with the design and style of the room the host has tried to achieve.

The low coffee table would be ideal for a house full of kids who will be running in and out and around tables, knocking things down and spilling drinks and creating so much chaos. The low table would mean less spillage and fewer broken glassware apart from being able to use it indoors or outdoors and even for kid's parties without having to worry too much about kids falling off tables and chairs which they are bound to climb when in party mode.

A concept of space is created by placing a low table which tends to exude a feeling of warmth and closeness at an intimate gathering. Definitely not for the formal occasions or for the sophisticated diner, the low tables are ideal for rooms with limited space and for apartment dwellers that can well make use of any extra space available. In the Far East of course, most traditional restaurants and eating homes have only these very low coffee tables with mats or cushions laid on the floor for guests to sit. It certainly has a very quirky look and a feel to it with bamboo curtains, soft lights and seductive music that can charm the guests into a make believe setting in the land of the rising sun.

In an American or European home, the low coffee table is still a novelty and will be bought only by those who always try to do things different. In Asia however, the low coffee table is welcomed with delight by the true oriental who simply loves to sit cross legged on a reed mat or colorful cushion on the floor with the elegantly made coffee table sitting on the center, surrounded by appreciative guests sipping mint flavored tea and munching sweet biscuits.

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