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A good singing voice is developed through regular exercise and rehearsals. In order to improve your singing, you should have already mastered proper breathing. This enables you to support your singing when rehearsing or during a performance. There are techniques and exercises to develop your voice further and get you ahead of your singing career.

Start with warm-up exercises to relax your muscles and relieve tension. You need to open your voice and prepare the muscles for singing. Think of stretching exercises that athletes perform before a game or practice. They warm up the muscles for heavier and more strenuous activities. Exercises for the voice include lip rolls by creating the "brrr" sound through the lips and sustaining it for a minute. Another common exercise is humming a series of "mmmm" or "nnnnn" to create a deep tone.

Begin your vocalization on a comfortable range. Sing going up and down the scale within a mid range. Slowly increase or decrease, singing one or two notes higher or lower than your mid range scale. Allow your voice and muscles to stretch comfortably before moving on to much higher or lower tones. It is important not to extend to the point of straining your cords. Give yourself enough time for warm-up. Find a good and comfortable routine that you can easily follow before performance or rehearsals.

Vocal training involves further exercises to attain good projection, resonance, and increased range, to name a few. A good place to start is on developing a good vocal tone. Singing tones should be produced by the vocal cords. To determine if your voice comes from the cords, sing a few notes and check the area around your throat if you are producing a swallowing movement. If not, then you are doing you are producing the singing tone correctly. The sound should resonate through your head, mouth and throat. Practice singing words with closed vowels, such as the letter "o". The closed sound is easier to sing than the open vowel, such as the letter "a".

Another tip that you can follow is doing visualization, especially when trying to hit the high notes. As you move up the musical scale, imagine that you are walking up a staircase. It enables you to pace yourself and improve your control. You can also use visualization during breathing exercises. Creating good images relaxes your mind, which transfers to your muscles. It brings a better mindset before or during the actual singing.

Being trained by a vocal coach is a good option if you want to embark on a singing career. They can give you a proper assessment and provide exercises to improve your skills. An instructor can point out what you are doing wrong and take measures to correct them. Good coaches can guide you through your lessons. They know whether or not you are ready to go a higher level in the singing program. They also give encouragement as you prepare to show your talent and express yourself through a song.

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