Sex Dating Online: The Emotional Burden

Sex dating websites are an established part of social media and can be seen to provide a means by which lonely people find a partner for sexual encounters ranging from one-night-stands to life-long relationships. While they appear to provide an escape route out of the desolate life of electronic subjugation, they actually serve to intensify the dependence and can trap the unwary in endless sampling of sexual sex. In the process, a world of disappointment, resentment and frustration is exposed, aired and sometimes intensified.

Many of the women using sex dating websites state that they are rebounding from a broken relationship caused by a partner's infidelity. They either claim to be trying to blot out the feelings of rejection and betrayal or proclaim the abandonment of love in favor of sexual sex and raw sensual gratification. Seemingly losing all sense of dignity and self-respect, women of all ages post mobile telephone selfies of themselves in various stages of undress, including complete nudity. One must suspect that here is exploitation of the female gender when in a state of emotional instability.

Another frequent plea comes from married women or women in long-term relationships. Some just instance their partner's inadequacy in bed, his incapacity or lack of interest. Others mention a partner's admitted or suspected infidelity, and a few maintain that they are in open relationships, acting with their partner's consent. Some even purport to be searching for a third person to join the couple in new triangular adventures, although one-to-one activity is not rule out. This category of participants may be criticized on other grounds, but it seems to be less emotionally fraught and less prone to exploitation.

Some of the most harrowing stories originate in experiences online. Not a few women complain of verbal abuse, some of the most obscene and offensive variety. Much relates directly to the unfortunate woman's physical appearance. Setting aside the unwisdom of exposing herself in the first place, the phenomenon reveals the presence online of the lowest forms of male humanity. And as has been often observed of social media, concealment of identity leads to the exposure of base nature. This alone should serve as a warning to vulnerable women to avoid these websites, or to participate with great caution.

Sex dating websites sell themselves on the promise of instant sexual gratification and it is this promise that draws in the male clientele. Many women, however, are looking for something both more romantic and longer lying. Some, even, are seeking only online virtual encounters. Both categories of women engage in extended online chatting that provokes male frustration, often vented in abuse. Online dating may promise an escape to a wonderful world of free love and sexual gratification but it carries with it all the cares, hazards and emotional burdens of real life.

Source by John Powell

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