The Centurion Card, the Black Card: American Express’s Invite Only Credit Card –

The Black Card , The Centurion Card …which ever name you use, it’s still the the most exclusive and elusive credit card in the world. I am seeing it more often than I used to, maybe it’s the circle I travel in, maybe it’s people are making more money, or possibly American Express is just inviting more card members than in years past (although American Express will not disclose how many members actually have Black Cards).

I see this remarkably heavy VIP card in restaurants, hotels and nightclubs all around the world, which is all very normal…but the other day I saw a lady use her Black Card to purchase a $2.00 espresso at Starbuck’s.

Hmm – so I have the Platinum Card (which I love , I know weird to love a credit card, but I do have strong emotional feelings toward my little platinum piece of plastic), and I’m wondering, what does it take to get a Centurion Card Invite? Do I need to be a Academy Award winning actress, maybe a politician with a very wealthy wife or a business mogul buying twenty-five thousand dollar dinners each week? Is getting a Black Card Invite harder than getting into A Small World ?

There is a lot of gossip about what it takes to get this card. I wanted to hear it directly from the source, so I contacted American Express directly. Here’s what they’re willing to disclose:

#1: The Centurion Card is Invite Only . There’s no online application and no, your friend that works for American Express probably can’t get you in. They have criteria (which they won’t completely discuss) but it definitely includes high spending. I asked them if the number was $250,000 a year and it was neither confirmed nor denied. But it was stated that they look at the card member overall, not just spending habits. Maybe it’s like dating where they just want someone with a great personality and enjoys long walks on a beach (except the beach will probably have to be in Bali if you’re hoping to get the Centurion Card).

#2: There is a one-time initiation fee of $5,000 billed to all new Centurion accounts. It’s kinda like becoming a member of a very private club with great benefits such as access to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, exclusive culinary and cultural events around the world. You also great incredible personalized service superior than any you could imagine and assistance in making your wildest dreams (and most ridiculous requests) come true!

#3: Each year the annual fee is $2,500. Again you’re paying for the benefits people. If you travel around the world, need super specialized service and all the other incredible benefits, it’s a small price to pay! Plus if you can get this card, you’re so loaded that you won’t even feel the hit of $2,500 once a year!

So there it is, The exclusive and elusive Black/Centurion Card. Now, go out spend enough, travel a lot and maybe someday this welcome kit will show up in your mailbox!

Source by Kimberly Ann Murgatroyd

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