The Quickie – Where, How and When –

The Quickie, or sex in public places, can be some of the best sexual memories you can have; if done correctly and with thinking about when, how and where.

In fact, sex in public or unusual places has most likely been the majority of sexual experiences for the millions of years we have been around.

In Ancient Sparta, sex was forbidden, and couples had to find out secret places, and ways to have sex, and ever, reproduce.

This law of prohibition was on purpose, as they wishes children from only the strongest and smartest couples.

The Spartans were masters of The Quickie, and were they around today, they would most likely go to one of the seven spots we have selected as optimal for a Quickie in a public place.

1. The Stairwell. Usually not much used at night, stairwells provides a lot of opportunities for holding and supporting yourself; choosing the best angle, and a degree of privacy. Here are the rules.

a.Only at night when there will be minimal traffic.

b.Foreplay to a minimum, with perhaps only a symbolic falliacio or cunnilingus.

c.Use a rear-entry doggie with the girl's head pointing

downstairs and the man in a semi-standing position.

d.Finish quickly, as the name applies.

2.The Movie Theater.

It does not matter too much if the theater is busy, as long as you are at the back, on the side aisle.

Here a lot of time is available, but not for the act itself.

You have ample time for foreplay, hopefully if the aisles are not too close. The best position you can use will be the woman sitting on the man's lap, facing the movie screen.

Help her move, but not in an ascending and descending manner, but in circles and foreword rubbing strokes (somewhat to the bump and grind dance technique).

3.The Elevator.

If you can, have in your wallet a prepared notice "elevator out of order – maintenance has been informed" Your choice of elevators is very important.

It must have a "stop" button, and should have something for the woman to hold on to.

Best position here is called the "Flying Walendas". With the woman facing the wall or mirror, and holding on to something, when suitably undressed, lift her legs to wrap around your waist, like a circus star.

Enter her as she wraps her legs around you, and trust as much as you can for as long as you can, but be quick … this is a quickly. When you re-start the elevator, each of you get off at different floors.

4.The Club or Bar.

Sounds a bit raunchy, and in fact, it is. You will need a toilet, and if that is not available, find a dark back space. You have to be as discreet as possible.

The only position here, for time and safety's sake, is the Basic Caveman.

This is the standing position, you both facing the same direction, and bent over slightly, with the woman's hands on a table of other object for support from the thrusting.

This is a very good G-Spot stimulator position, and even if done very quickly, and have wonderful results.

5.The Office.

There are many places one can think of to be alone in the office, but the best to choose will afford the woman to lie on her back, the man to stand in front of her, and will help the woman support her legs drawn half- way up to her breast.

The desk is always best for this. With the woman in this position cunnilingus is always a good idea (if she enjoys and consents to such) and when you are ready, you can trust away in a slow and rhythmic way. This is always a big pleaser.

6.The Changing Room.

What an ideal place and environment.

The clothes are off from both of you, and immediately face the woman to the wall. She can stand even upright, but legs wide apart, and with a rear entry, full crushing is possible. This is a very sexy environment. Be quick, and be quiet.

There are people only a few centimeters away. The store security might frown on this antic, but if you are clever, like the Spartans, you will find it an exhilarating experience.

7.The Street.

Sex in the street is always very risky. Try for an alley or back street, which is quiet and not often used.

The woman must stand and face you, with one leg wrapped around you, the other on the ground. Thrusting is out of the question, just rotational movements or a grinding one. Finish quickly.

Some basic tips would suggest that you should not wear underwear if you are contemplating such activity, as well as baggy type of clothing. Be careful, be quick and be smart about the Quickie.

Source by Sacha Tarkovsky

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