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Hailing from Orem, Utah, the alternative rock band called The Used has made its mark on the public with a couple of albums and music videos released under Reprise Records. With songs like "A Box Full of Sharp Objects" and "The Bird and the Worm," the band has established itself as a thriving music group. With an active following since 2001 (and still going strong), The Used possess a history of making music that begins in the middle of the '90s.

Brief Group History

During the mid-1990s, The Used was known in their early days as a local band called Froglick. At this time, Brenden Steineckert (founding member and drummer) was grouped with Quinn Allman (guitarist) and Jeph Howard (bassist). It was soon agreed that a full-time singer or frontman would be needed to boost the popularity of the band. Auditions were held, but a qualified member could not be found. Upon the suggestion of Allman, a friend from school (Bert McCracken) was asked to join and gladly accepted.

The group began to record a few demos and hold a handy of local shows. John Feldmann, a member of the punk group, Goldfinger, heard the band and, in 2001, encourage Reprise Records to sign the group. Within a couple of months, a ten-track demo CD was produced. The band would later become The Used after finding out that a band in Boston already went by the moniker Used.

In 2003, The Used released a CD and DVD combo package titled "Maybe Memories." Live, unreleased, and demo works were included, such as band history, musician bios, and live concert snippets. Platinum sales status followed. In 2004, the group released their second studio album, titled "In Love and Death." A host of personal tragedies suffering by lead singer McCracken guided the themes, subjects, and songwriting of the album. The title of the album and the song, "Hard to Say," paid tribute to the pregnant girlfriend he lost to drug overdose. "In Love and Death" became the group's second platinum venture, selling more than three million copies.

The future of The Used involves another CD and DVD compilation and a couple of tour dates. A new album is set for a 2007 release, and the group is adjusting to their new drummer, Dan Whitesides.

Current Members

Currently, The Used is composed of Bert McCracken (lead vocals and piano), Quinn Allman (guitar and backup vocals), Jeph Howard (bass and backup vocals), and Dan Whitesides (drums). In the past, the group also worked with other musicians, such as Greg Bester, who served as touring guitarist during the early 2000s. Most notably, Branden Steineckert, who provided backup vocals and played drums, was kicked out of the band during the summer of 2006.

Discography & Musical Achievements

The Used released their first full-length studio album, which was self-titled, in 2002. The public readily accepted the new group, and they enjoyed a wealth of early success. Four singles ("A Box Full of Sharp Objects", "Buried Myself Alive", "Blue and Yellow" and "The Taste of Ink") helped claim a following. The album soon went platinum.

In 2004, the group released "In Love and Death," which also became platinum-certified, selling more than three million copies. The David Bowie remake of "Under Pressure" featured My Chemical Romance and was offered as a bonus track on the 2005 re-release of the album. Additional songs on the album included "Take It Away" and "I Caught Fire." Set for a 2007 release, The Used is planning on sharing "Lies for the Liars," which is also set to come with a DVD.

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