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There are several ways people can make money writing over the internet. With the popularity of home based businesses, many owners look to outsource all of the grunt work associated with the day-to-day work flow. This provides income earning opportunities for those who love to write. This article will go into three of the main ways people write online in exchange for cold hard cash and also how people can promote their own business ventures through writing online.

Being a ghostwriter for internet entrepreneurs is an excellent way for seasoned writers to earn money on the net. Basically someone hires you to write an article for them and then they go publish that same article in some publication under their own name. This method of earning money brings back the days of the smart kid in school writing papers for other students for a fee.

Blogging is another way people are making money on the net with great success. A lot of internet writing newbies are taking this route to earn some extra cash because of the relative ease that it takes to start one. Simply go to a website like WordPress and you can have your own blog set up in minutes. You can generate profits through your blog by placing contextual advertising programs such as Google AdSense and Yahoo! Publisher Network (YPN), affiliate programs, paid text links, and paid banner advertisements.

The third way to make money writing online is through the writing of articles like you are reading now. I personally like to market business opportunities I represent through this advertising medium. However you can also market products you are selling or your blog through these articles. This method of earning money through writing takes the most work but can prove to be most beneficial to your online writing business.

Are there many more ways to make money online by writing? Sure there are, these options detailed above are just the ones I have most experience with and have had the best success implementing. Whichever method of writing you choose, writing online can prove to be a serious money making venture for you.

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